Free Julian Assange Campaign

Julian’s story

The charges Julian faces concern the WikiLeaks exposures ten years ago of US war crimes and human rights abuses. As a result, the detail then hidden is now known to the world.

From 2010 until 2017 the Obama administration decided he could not be prosecuted – otherwise every newspaper publishing the same data should be prosecuted too. However, the Trump administration, from the outset, targeted him and charged him under US laws which date back 100 years, during which time they have never been used to prosecute any publisher or journalist. The US legislation allows for no defence of public interest.

He has been in Belmarsh Prison for 16 months, confined to a cell throughout the Covid pandemic for at least 23 hours a day. He has no visitors. Neither I nor his sons can see him. It is very difficult for us as a family.

The chilling effect

Most important of all, though, is that his “crime” is to have reported on matters the US would rather have kept hidden from view. He helped expose war crimes and human rights abuses. He revealed the killing of unarmed civilians and the torture of innocent people. No-one has been held responsible for the serious crimes Julian has exposed. If he, an Australian citizen living in the UK can be successfully prosecuted, so too can journalists and publications everywhere. 

The politics of the intention are clear; brought by an administration that refers to the press and whistleblowers as the “enemy” and news of importance as“fake”.

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