Action against the Government

The standing Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen, has written to the head of the Metropolitan Police to report crimes committed by the Government, namely Misconduct in Public Office, Misfeasance in Public Office, Gross Negligence Manslaughter, Corporate Manslaughter, Fraud and Murder. These are extremely serious accusations and as they have been raised by an MP, you would suspect the police would be taking action or the BBC would be covering this. Alas they have buried their heads in the hope it will go away. Here is a copy of the actual letter

Action against the government

As the Police or mainstream media have ignored this serious complaint from Andrew Bridgen MP, Mark Sexton, retired Police Officer, has physically lodged the crime at Acton Police station and been given a Crime number. Here is the video of him lodging the crime and receiving the crime number. The evidence he has handed over to the Police is extremely distressing in nature, as he names Sir Graham Brady MP and Dame June Raine effectively as potentially guilty of serious crimes.

The Police response to Mark's visit was to get a lowly ranked inexperienced police office to call him in the early hours of the morning. This call is farcical and shows that nobody knows how to deal with these extremely serious crimes that have affected millions of people.

Mark Sexton has now taken this matter further, namely speaking with MI5 - this is an amazing call, especially when the MI5 agents says 'Tell me what's on your mind' - So Mark asks how much time he has and the agent nonchalantly says, 'as much as you need'. He did not expect Mark's answer. After Mark talks for 15 minutes the agent now says more seriously 'As you can imagine, I didn't expect that.' But the greatest moment comes when Mark confirms the call has been recorded. There is a deafening silence as you can hear the agent thinking - 'What have I said?' He wants to end the call as soon as possible after that. Go Mark Sexton!

As the Police have not responded, even after many emails, Mark calls them back....the saga continues

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If we can get 100,000 people to sign a digital petition, then this issue has to be read in the House of Commons, recorded in Hansard and open to the world. We will keep you up to date on this alarming case now sitting with the Police. Please share this information with as many people as possible. For further information contact Freedom Front from our contact page.

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