Welcome to the Freedom Front Portal, a single Hub for all UK campaigns that are fighting for our rights of freedom. Our current campaigns are to bring public awareness of the new extreme controls trying to be introduced through the new World Health Organization (WHO) treaty, a Freedom of Speech, campaign and a campaign to support the Free Julian Assange campaign. If you have a campaign you want us to support, please contact us.

Donate £1 per week to help

We now are running numerous Freedom related campaigns and always looking for more campaigns to join the Freedom Front Portal. All our work to date has been done voluntarily by a few individuals with very limited resources, who are now on their knees. To carry on all our current work and to plan better for our future, we need financial help. Below you can help by donating £4 per month, that is just £1 per week, less than the price of a cup of coffee, but to us it is survival. We need to set up an office and pay someone full-time on a minimum wage, together with all the support for computers, printing, travel, artwork, website costs and all the other ancillary costs and extreme effort we put in to every event and campaign, see our past and planned events HERE. We have a huge event planned in Trafalgar Square in July that will require huge logistical management. To achieve this, we need just 580 people to sign up to £4 per month. A breakdown on how this money will be spent can be found HERE. If more than 580 people sign-up we can start to pay the travel costs of the volunteers that provide incredible help at all our events, we can organize more events, expand our network and maybe employ more people. Please try to help us fight for your Freedom!

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